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Oncidium oliganthum Sparse-Blooming Oncidium


Sparse-Blooming Oncidium , Oncidium oliganthum


Oncidium oliganthum [Rchb.f]L.O.Williams 1947 SECTION Stellata Photo courtesy of Tony Watkinson

Common Name The Sparse-Blooming Oncidium

Flower Size 1 1/2" [4 cm]

This rare, cloud forest, small to medium sized, warm to cool growing, epiphytic species is found in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua at elevations of 1600 to 2200 meters with ovoid, compressed, sulcate with time pseudobulbs subtended with several dry, thin sheaths, a few leaf-bearing with 2 to 3 apical, linear-elliptic to linear oblanceolate, subcoriaceous, obtuse leaves that blooms in the summer and fall on a basal, 6 to 16" [15 to 40 cm] long, racemose or a single, 2 flowered branch, erect-arcuate, few to several flowered inflorescence with triangular, obtuse, papery, tubular bracts arising on a mature pseudobulb with up to 7 weakly fragrant, waxy, successively opening flowers.

Synonyms *Odontoglossum oligantum Rchb.f 1856; Odontoglossum purpusii Schlechter 1925; Oncidium guatemalense Schlechter 1912;