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Oncidium panduriforme Lute-Shaped Oncidium


Lute-Shaped Oncidium , Oncidium panduriforme


Oncidium panduriforme Ames & C.Schweinf. 1925 Photo by Sune Holt

Partial shade Warm Cool Summer Fall

Common Name The Lute-Shaped Oncidium

Flower Size .8 to.9" [2 to 2.2 cm]

Found in Costa Rica and Panama in cloudforests in tree canopies at elevations of 1400 to 1800 meters as a medium sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with ovate, laterally compressed pseudobulbs enveloped basally by 8 distichous, overlapping, leaf bearing sheaths and carrying 2 apical, elliptic-lanceolate, acute, leathery, narrowing towards the base, tightly conduplicate for a ways up the leaf as well as a few slightly smaller and a few the same size from the elaf sheaths and bloomsin in the summer and fall on an axillary, stout, erect, many branched panicle, many flowered, zig-zag inflorescence with 5 to 8 flowers on each branch.

Synonyms Cyrtochiloides panduriformis (Ames & C.Schweinf.) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase 2001