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Oncidium prionochilum Toothed Lip Tolumnia


Toothed Lip Tolumnia , Oncidium prionochilum


Tolumnia prionochila (Kraenzl.) Braem 1986

Another View Photo courtesy of Jay Pfahl

Common Name The Toothed Lip Tolumnia

Flower Size to 1 1/4" [to 3 cm]

Found in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands at elevations of sealevel to 200 meters in dry to moist forests often near the beach as a miniature sized, fan-shaped, hot to warm growing twig epiphyte, rock face growing lithophyte or terrestrial with imbricating, distichous, narrowly linear, conduplicate, coriaceous, flexuous, acute leaves with finely serrulate margins that blooms in the spring, on an axillary, to 4'+ [to 120 cm] long, wirey, distally, laxly few flowered, racemose, apically branching inflorescence that also grows keikis after blooming or if damaged. This plants inflorescence needs a support to keep it from moving in the wind much as it damages the emerging buds and you get keikis instead of flowers. I had it for two bloomings before I saw flowers. I assume that this species grows in dense bushes and the inflorescence winds through the small branches for support.

Synonyms *Oncidium prionochilum Kraenzl. 1922