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Oncidium raniferum Frog Oncidium


Frog Oncidium , Oncidium raniferum


Oncidium raniferum Lindl. 1837 SECTION Concoloria

Common Name The Frog Oncidium

Flower Size more than 1/2" [more than 1.25 cm]

Found in Eastern Brazil at elevations around 1800 meters as an small sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte with bifoliate, ribbed, flat conical to slim conical psuedobulbs subtended by several scarious bracts and carrying 2 to 3 leaf-bearing sheaths with suberect, thinly coriaceous, linear or linear-lanceolate, subacute leaves giving rise to an erect, many branched, spreading, to 14" [35 cm] long, many flowered panicle with lanceolate, acute bracts and small, showy flowers occuring in the summer and fall.

This species, Onc lofgreni and O hookeri are all very similar and according to Brazilians sources are only separated if the area of collection is known as differences are very small and are mostly vegatative..

Synonyms Carenidium raniferum (Lindl.) Baptista 2006; Menezesiella ranifera (Lindl.) Chiron & V.P. Castro 2006