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Oncidium suave Gentle Oncidium


Gentle Oncidium , Oncidium suave


Oncidium suave Lindl. 1843 SECTION Oblongata

Another Flower Photo courtesy of Weyman Bussey

Common Name The Gentle Oncidium

Flower Size 1/2"+

Separated from others in the reflexum group by the smaller flowers, a little over half an inch, the long, 3-4 foot wirey inflorescence with spaced out flowers. It blooms in the fall and early winter.

MAny sources cite this species as a synonym of O reflexum, I leave them separate until more references and photos are available.

Synonyms Oncidium liebmannii Rchb.f. ex Kraenzl. 1922; Oncidium wendlandianum Rchb. f. 1854