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Oncidium subcruciforme Almost Cross-Like Oncidium


Almost Cross-Like Oncidium , Oncidium subcruciforme


Oncidium subcruciforme (A.H.Heller) Garay & Stacy 1974 SECTION Stellata Photo courtesy of Lourens Grobler.

Part shade Warm

Common Name The Almost Cross-Like Oncidium

Flower Size

Found in Belize and Nicaragua at elevations around 1100 meters as a warm growing epiphyte

Often cited as a synonym of O maculatum or O hintonii but differs in the petals and sepals as well as details in the lip and column.

Synonyms *Odontoglossum subcruciforme A.H.Heller 1969; Oncidium subcruciforme [Heller] Salazar 1999;