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Paphiopedilum barbigerum Beard Carrying Paphiopedilum


Beard Carrying Paphiopedilum, Paphiopedilum barbigerum


Paphiopedilum barbigerum T. Tang & F.T. Wang 1940 SUBGENUS Paphiopedilum SECTION Paphiopedilum Karasawa & Saito 1982 Photo courtesy of Nik Fahmi and his Vortex Orchid Page

Common Name The Beard Carrying Paphiopedilum - In China Xiao Ye Dou Lan

Flower Size 2 1/2" [6.5 cm]

Found in China and Vietnam [only as P barbigerum var lockianum] as a small sized, humus epiphyte near bases of mossy trees or lithophyte on steep rocky cliffs in evergreen braodleafed forests at elevations of 300 to 1200 meters with 4 to 6, distichous, narrow, suberect, narrowly lanceolate to linear, uniformly green leaves and blooms on an erect, green, 4 3/4" to 6 2/5" [12 to 16 cm], single flowered, shortly brown to dull yellowish pubescent inflorescence with an elliptic floral bract and carrying a small, single flower occuring in the fall and winter.

Synonyms Paphiopedilum barbigerum f. aureum (H.S.Hua) O.Gruss & Roeth 1999; Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. aureum H.S.Hua 1999; Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. coccineum (Perner & R.Herrm.) Cavestro 2001; Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. lockianum Aver. 2002; Paphiopedilum coccineum Perner & R.Herrm. 2000; Paphiopedilum insigne var barbigerum [Tang & Wang] Braem 1988