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Paphiopedilum gigantifolium Giant-Leaf Paphiopedilum


Giant-Leaf Paphiopedilum , Paphiopedilum gigantifolium


Paphiopedilum gigantifolium Braem, Baker & Baker 1997 SUBGENUS Polyantha SECTION Mastigopetalum Side View Photo courtesy of Zainal Abidin Othman

Common Name The Giant-Leaf Paphiopedilum

Flower Size

A recently discovered species from the island of Sulawesi that is a terrestrial on steep ravines with heavy shade at elevations below 700 meters always near running water where it blooms on an erect, green densly pubescent inflorescence with successively opening 4 to 6 flowers held well above the leaves and occuring in the spring and early summer.

Synonyms Paphiopedilum ayubii Hort. ex Parnata 1997