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Rotan Palmae

Calamus, Rattan, Rotan


Calamus, Rattan, RotanThe stems of this palm genus of 350-odd species are the source of the worlds cane, or rattan, from which cane furniture is constructed. Most species are from the rainforests of tropical Asia and the Malay Archipelago, with a smaller number found in Africa, eastern Australia and the Pacific Islands. They are graceful feather-leafed palms, usually multi-stemmed from the base. The frond mid-stalk may be extended into a whip-like, grappling appendage, or this may arise from the rim of the sheathing base of the frond. Similar whip-like panicles bear the tiny flowers, which are followed by distinctive small fruits with overlapping scales.
Hardiness zone from 10 To 12
Cultivation: Many Calamus species adapt to cultivation in warm, wet climates and in their juvenile state can make attractive container plants, best grown in part-shade in moist, well-drained soil. Propagation is only possible from fresh seed.