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Tibouchina Glory bush Lasiandra Melastomataceae

Tibouchina, Glory bush, Lasiandra


Tibouchina, Glory bush, Lasiandra	  Common name(s):Tibouchina, Glory bush, Lasiandra
Glory bush
There are more than 300 species in this genus of evergreen perennials, shrubs, small trees and climbers from South America. The flowers are large and vivid, commonly purple, pink or white, with 5 satiny petals. They are borne either singly or in clusters at the shoot tips, and sometimes the whole plant is smothered with blooms over several months, usually from late summer to early winter. The flower buds are rounded and fat, while the leaves are simple and hairy, deeply marked with 3 to 7 veins. New growth is often a contrasting reddish bronze, and stems are square; the fruits are capsules.
Hardiness zone from 10 To 12
Flowering colors: Mauve, Pink, Purple, Violet, White
Cultivation: They prefer full sun and do best in light soil with added organic matter and a slightly acidic to neutral pH. They should be kept moist during the growing season. Prune them after flowering. These plants have brittle stems and need shelter from wind; they do not like frost. Propagation is from cuttings in late spring or summer.