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 Carphalea kirondron Madagascan Girang merah Rubiaceae



Carphalea kirondron
Family: Rubiaceae
Origin: Madagascar
large shrub 5-10 ft, full sun, moderate water, regular water, white/off-white flowers, red/crimson/vinous flowers, attracts butterflies, hummingbirds.

An example of a Rubiaceae with enlarged, unequal, colored calyx lobes, long-styled flowers.

otanical Name: Carphalea kirondron
Common Name: Flaming Beauty
Family name: Rubiaceae
Plant type: Indoor ornamental shrub of medium height (1.5 – 3 meters), originated from Madagascar. Mainly, a tropical bush!
Light: Prefers full sun, but can tolerate semi-shade
Moisture: Requires regular watering moderately
Soil: Grows best in consistently moist soil, preferably compost-enriched! This Flaming Beauty can be grown in containers or ground
Propagation: From seeds or stem cuttings. It may be difficult to propagate from seed germination, but not the latter method.
Just cut 2 or more (to counteract failure) 5-6 inches length of stem cuttings (preferably when you need to deadhead and can spare a stem), trim of its leaves leaving a couple of them, then push into garden potting mix about an inch and a half deep, locate in shaded area and with regular watering, voila…you’ll definitely succeed with at least one, two or probably all from the many cuttings planted!
Features: A medium height tropical shrub of up 3 m (or more if allowed to grow without restraint), that is gaining popularity in the tropics! It is a very showy evergreen bush with lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate rich-green leaves that are mostly opposite with 2cm long petioles. Covering the bush are large bunches (10-20cm across) of strikingly bright red calyx lobes. These calyxes are enlarged and unequal (1 is more enlarged than the others) and amongst them many tiny 4-petaled white flowers appear on filament-like reddish corolla tubes (1.5-2.5 cm long). The species is heterodistylous in long-styled and short-styled forms. Anyway, this whole plant is characterized by the presence of those remarkable red colored calyces, and the white flowers are actually insignificantly seen from afar!
Usage: Being non-stop bloomers, it’ll be most suitable as a centerpiece in the patio, courtyard or garden. Whether as a potted plant or in ground, it’ll present a glorious sight at parks and entrances to shopping malls and hotels, provided it’s placed at sunlit areas!
Flaming Beauty (Carphalea kirondron) in red definitely outshines other plants at our frontyard garden. Shot Oct 2006 Carphalea kirondron, planted along road dividers
I have even seen these ornamental shrubs with their gorgeous bright red calyxes being mass-planted along highways, roadsides and road dividers. Go for this plant if you love brilliant red colors and want to attract butterflies to your garden! A wonderful plant that flowers all year round in the tropics.
Care: This is another of those fuss-free plants that are easily maintained. Just the normal regular watering and fertilizing! However, pruning is necessary to promote bushiness and more blooms. Also, deadheading is advisable to remove the unattractive sight of withered calyxes, though this task is infrequent as the blooms remain beautiful for months! Watch out for white flies that are very attracted to it! Aaargh…they’re nasty and can destroy the whole plant if you drop your guard!