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Cuphea ignea Cigarette plant   Lythraceae

Cuphea ignea, Cigarette plant


Cuphea ignea, Cigarette plant	Common name(s):
Cigar flower
Cigarette plant
Cuphea platycentra
This species from Mexico and the West Indies gets its common names from the flowers, which are small, orange and tubular. Each has a white tip with a touch of black, suggesting the ash at the tip of a cigar or cigarette. The leaves are small, elliptical and bright green. A bushy subshrub, it grows up to about 24 in (60 cm) high and benefits from occasional trimming to keep it compact.
Hardiness zone from 10 To 12
Cultivation: They prefer moist, well-drained soil in sun or very light shade. Propagation is usually from small tip cuttings, though they are also easily raised from seed, which often self-sows.