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Pseuderanthenum reticulatum
Golden net bush   Acanthaceae

Pseuderanthenum reticulatum, Golden netbush, Melati prancis


Pseuderanthenum reticulatum, Golden netbush, Melati prancis

This shrub from Vanuatu grows to a height and spread oPseuderanthenum reticulatum, Golden netbush, Melati prancisf 3 ft (1 m).
The showy foliage varies from green to purplish black with oval leaves growing to 6 in (15 cm); these have an intricate network of golden veins and undulating edges.
Large flower spikes at the ends of the branches hold several tubular white blossoms with cerise markings in the centers.
It thrives in hot climates, and prefers protection from winds.
Flowering colors: Red, White
Cultivation: Well-drained, moist and composted soil in part-shade ensures healthy growth and a good flowering display.
Tip prune to encourage bushiness or, if the plants become too straggly, cut back hard..
Propagate year-round from seed or by division.