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Cordia sebestena Geiger tree Kordia Boraginaceae

Cordia sebestena, Geiger tree, Kordia


Cordia sebestena, Geiger tree, Kordia

This evergreen shrub or small tree is native to the West IndiesCordia sebestena, Geiger tree, Kordia	, Florida and Venezuela and is widely cultivated for ornament in the tropics.
It grows to around 25 ft (8 m) high and has 8 in (20 cm) long, oval leaves. It produces tight clusters of bright orange-red flowers through much of the year, followed by 1 in (25 mm) oval, white, edible fruit.
Cultivation: These plants require steady, warm temperatures and moist, well-drained soil.
They are propagated from seed or semi-ripe cuttings.