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Averhoa bilimbi Bilimbi Belimbing wuluh Oxalidaceae

Averhoa bilimbi, Bilimbi, Bilimbing wuluh


Averhoa bilimbi, Bilimbi, Bilimbing wuluhSimilar to the carambola but of lesser importance as a commercial fruit, the bilimbi is similar in growth habit but its pinnate leaves are longer, with up to 40 leaflets.
The smaller fruit are only bluntly 5-angled and are generally not so sweet.
Propagation is from seed or more commonly by grafts or air-layers (marcotts) which preserve desirable clonal characteristics.
Medical use: In various ways in traditional medicine (e.g. skin disorders, fevers). Leaf decoction heals inflammation of the rectum. As paste it is applied on the affected surface area for mumps, rheumatism and pimples. Infusion of the flowers relieve coughs and thrush. Preserved fruit for beri-beri and disorders of the bile and liver. Leaves, flower, fruit are consumed for stomachache, wounds, stomatitis,whooping cough, bleeding, gums, acne and hypertension; as well as antitussive and antidiabetic. Against boils.