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Gnetum gnemun Melinjo Belinjo Gnetaceae

Gnetum gnemun, Melinjo, Kedelai, Belinjo


Gnetum gnemun, Melinjo, Kedelai, Belinjo

Gnetum gnemon Gnetaceae
Synonyms: Gnetum acutatum, G. vinosum
Common names:: Melinjo, Spanish joint fir (En); melinjo, belinjo, ; meninjau, belinjau (Mal); Key characteristics: Shrub or small tree; branches in whorls down to base of trunk; leaves opposite, with bent and joining secondary nerves; flowers in whorls at nodes. Fruit nut-like, yellow to red or purple, with one seed.
Use: The young leaves, inflorescence and fruits are cooked in vegetable dishes. The seed can be eaten raw, but is usually cooked or preserved as pounded flat cakes from which crispy snacks can be made.
Ecology: Found in rain forests up to 1,200 m altitude, commonly on riverbanks. For cultivation areas with a distinct dry season is preferable in order to synchronize fruiting. Distribution: Found and cultivated throughout Southeast Asia.
Melinjo Cracker
A little bitter but delicious.
Major Ingredients :
Gnetum gnemon, Shrimp, Salt, Spices, Palm Sugar