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Garcinia atroviridis Asam Gelugur asam gelugo Clusiaceae

Asam Gelugur, Garcinia atroviridis, asam gelugo

Asam Gelugur, Garcinia atroviridis, asam gelugo

Garcinia atroviridis, known as Asam Gelugur, asam gelugo, or asam keping in Malay, is a large rainforest tree native to peninsular Malaysia. This species grows wild throughout peninsular Malaysia but is also widely cultivated, especially in the northern states, owing to its economic and medicinal value. Garcinia is a large perennial plant commonly found in evergreen forests in the southern region of Thailand and Malaysia.

The Asam Geluger tree grows to a height of more than 20m and has a long trunk, smooth grey bark and drooping branches. The leaves are dark green, shiny, long and narrow with a pointed tip and upturned edges. The flowers are dark red. The round fruits are borne singly on twig ends about 7 - 10 cm in diameter. The ripe fruits are bright orange yellow, which are sliced, dried and used in curries or stewed in plenty of sugar to be eaten.

The fruit contains citric acids, such as tartaric, malic and ascorbic acids, hydroxycitric acid, and flavonoids. Sun-dried slices of the fruits, locally known as "asam keping", are commercially available and are popularly used as a vegetable salad and is considered extremely sour.

Asam Gelugor is a perennial fruit tree native to the tropical climate in Malaysia. The trees, which often grow up to 65 feet tall, can also be found in other parts of South East Asia particularly Thailand where demand for the Asam fruit is increasing.

Asam fruit contains various forms of fruiting acids-citric, malic, and tartaric and has been used for centuries by the Malaysian Kampung villages as both a cooking ingredient and weight loss agent.

Ripe Asam fruit is bright-yellow orange and tastes very sour therefore it cannot be eaten fresh. Instead the fruit is sliced, dried then stewed and used as a common ingredient in Asian dishes such as curries and soups.

Not only is this super fruit loaded with antioxidants but researchers at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia have stated also that Asam assists in converting fat to energy, allowing those who ingest it to burn off excess fat. Further studies have shown that the fruits acidic nature is what enables it to have anti-fungal, antimicrobial and weight reducing properties.

The Kampungs serve Asam fruit soup to individuals who want to lose weight before consuming a big meal. The Asam fruit will work to suppress appetite resulting in less food intake and weight loss over time.

Asam fruit, when encapsulated, can be taken two times a day prior to meals as a natural appetite suppressant.

Asam Gelugur, Garcinia atroviridis, asam gelugo Asam Gelugur, Garcinia atroviridis, asam gelugo Asam Gelugur, Garcinia atroviridis, asam gelugo