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Pentagonia grandiflora Pentagonia   Rubiaceae

Pentagonia, Pentagonia grandiflora


Pentagonia, Pentagonia grandiflora

Pentagonia grandiflora
Family: Rubiaceae
large shrub 5-10 ft, small tree 10-20 ft, shade,  semi-shade, regular water, white/off-white flowers, ornamental foliage, edible, ultra tropical, min. temp. 55F

Small tree with 2 inch long 1 inch wide white flowers. Sweet edible fruits are clustered near the ends of the branches, sized to 3 inches. Large leaves to 2 ft; clustered near end of the branches. Full sun to medium shade. Warm moist conditions are best. Rare in cultivation. Outdoors in Zones 10 to 11. Good container plant for a sunny window.