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Psidium guineense Brazilian Guava   Myrthacea

Araca, Guayabillo, Guayaba Agria ,


Araca, Guayabillo, Guayaba Agria ,

Brazilian Guava
Psidium guineense
a.k.a. Araca, Guayabillo, Guayaba Agria

Round or pear shaped fruit similar in size and appearance to the common guava. The rind is yellow, enclosing a white acidic pulp with a guava-strawberry flavor.

Description: Small shrub or tree from 3-25ft. Its overall appearance has a resemblance to the strawberry guava tree.

Hardiness: The brazilian guava is somewhat hardy, having survived temperatures to 28F.

Growing Environment: It will grow successfully in subtropical climates as well as arid zones as it is capable of withstanAraca, Guayabillo, Guayaba Agria , ding some drought.

Propagation: By seeds. Seeds can be slow to sprout, requiring several weeks to a few months germination time. Plant in warm, 75-85F soil, water moderately.

Uses: It is eaten fresh, but often used instead to make jellies and preserves.

Native Range: Native from Southern Mexico through Argentina. It is occasionally cultivated and feral populations are known to exist in parts of Asia.