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Averrhoa carambola Starfruit Belimbing Oxalidacea

Averrhoa carambola, Starfruit, Oxalidaceae, belimbing


Averrhoa carambola, Starfruit, Oxalidaceae, belimbing	The leaflets of the compound leaves have the curious habit of folding together after being touched or at night.
It flowers and fruits through much of the year, but with major flushes of flower in the middle of the wet and the middle of the dry season.
The large, ornamental fruit ripen through pale yellow, when their flavor is pleasantly acid, to deep golden orange, when they become sweet and deliciously tangy.
Propagation is from seed or more commonly by grafts or air-layers .
In various ways in traditional medicine (e.g. skin disorders, fevers).Crushed leaves or shoots for chicken fox, ringworm, and heaache. Fruit is laxative, refrigerant, antiscourbic; stimulate appetite, febrifuge antidysenteric. Infusion, decoction or tincture of crushed seeds is emmenagogue, lactagogue, abortifacient in large dose. Seeds as narcotic, emetic, powdered as anodyne in asthma, colic, jaundice. Counters ringworm. Leaves and flower consumed as antitusive and febrifuge; for cold. Fruit is ideal for hypertension, diabetes and as antiparalytic, hemostatic, antiemetic, and diuretic.