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Costus spesiosus Spiral ginger Pacing putih Zingiberacea

Costus spesiosus, Spiral ginger, Zingiberacea	, pacing putih


Costus spesiosus, Spiral ginger, Zingiberacea	, pacing putih

Of wide distribution in tropical Asia, this tall-growing species has short elliptic leaves running in a conspicuous spiral up the slender cane-like stems that are themselves gently twisted into a spiral, and up to 8 ft (2.4 m) tall.
The large flowerheads consist of tightly overlapping green bracts tinged reddish, and white, sometimes pinkish flowers with yellow centers and petals like silky crepe, emerging one or two at a time over much of the year.
Flowering colors: Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
Position: Semi-Shaded
Cultivation: Grow in humus-rich soil in a well-lit position, but not direct sunlight. Propagate by division or from seed.
Plants grown indoors may be bothered by red spider mite.
Medical use :Rhizome serves as expectorant, contraception, laxative, diuretic, stimulant and aphrodisiac.Stem as poultice for fever and small pox.Use for hair washing. Low energy; rashes and sweaty skin. Rhizome decoction/drink as antipruritic.