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Crinum asiaticum Spider lily Bakung  Amaryllidaceae

Crinum asiaticum, Spider lily, Amaryllidaceae, bakung


Crinum asiaticum, Spider lily, Amaryllidaceae, bakung		The Crinum Lily grows on sandy seashores or in the back mangrove.
A very large lily, it grows from an underground bulb.
The lower leaves form a stout pseudo-stem from which the leaves emerge in a rosette.
The leaves can grow up to 2m long.
The flowers are delightfully scented.
The fruit is a globe which turns shiny white when ripe then splits open
to reveal irregularly shaped seeds. The plant is poisonous.
Traditional medicinal uses: It is used as a poultice for aches, sores and chaps.
Crushed leaves are used to treat piles, mixed with honey and applied to wounds and abscesses.