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Flacourtia indica Governor's plum Lobilibi, Tomi tomi Flacourtiacea


Flacourtia indica, Governor's plum, Flacourtiaceae	, lobilibi, tomi tomi,

Small purple red fruit with orange yellow flesh .hardy to 26F. Both male and female plants are produced from seed. Fruits mature after one to two months from flowering. the flavor of a plum.
The flavour of the fruit tends to vary and while some varieties are sweet enough to be eaten raw, others are eaten only after cooking. Fruits are sold in the market and there is a high potential for processing into jams.
Medical use: Fruits and wood used against roundworms, and the leaves as an antidote to snake Blte. Bark used for rheumatism, gout and skin disease.Roots effective for skin allergies.