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Gloriosa superba Tiger's claws Kembang sungsang Liliaceae

Gloriosa superba, Tiger's claws, Liliaceae, Kembang, Sungsang


Gloriosa superba, Tiger's claws, Liliaceae, Kembang, Sungsang

This tropical species can climb to a height of 6–8 ft (1.4–2.4 m) under suitable conditions.
The brilliant red and gold flowers resemble tiger lilies in shape with reflexed, wavy edged petals and conspicuous stamens. ‘Rothschildiana’ has larger, pinkish red flowers with petals yellow-edged; ‘Simplex’ has similar but smaller flowers in deep orange and yellow.
Flowering colors: Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Position: Semi-Shaded
Cultivation:Plant the tubers in late spring in full sun and rich, well-drained soil, fertilizing as the stems begin to elongate.
Protect from wind and provide support.
Propagate from seed or dormant tubers.
Medical use: Root employed as tonic, antiperiodic, alterative and purgative.Counters ezcema., Against itchiness. and counters ringworm. It also cures scable.