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Kalanchoe pinnata Air Plan Sosor bebek Crassulaceae 

Kalanchoe pinnata, Air Plant, Crassulaceae,  sosor bebek


Kalanchoe pinnata, Air Plant, Crassulaceae,  sosor bebekA succulent with basal rosette. Leaves are fleshy and alternate, coarsely toothed but rounded, edges of leaves are purple. Flowers occur in corymb/raceme and are bell-like and pendulous. Flower has four fused sepils with pointed tips; four fused petals are red and pointed at tip and green at base. Eight stamens with green filaments and purpler anthers; four pistils stuck very close together are much shorter than stamen. Stem is purple with green flecks, slightly woody.
Ethnomedical uses : for abscesses, adenoids(infected), arthritis, athlete's foot, boils, bronchitis, bubos, burns, calluses, conjunctivitis, corns, coughs, dermatitis, dermatosis, earaches, eczema, edema, erysipelas, fever, glaucoma, headache, infections, inflammation, insect stings, intestinal problems, itch, kidney stones, lymphatic disorders, mouth sores, nervousness, respiratory infections, rheumatism, scurvy, skin problems, toothache, tuberculosis, tumor, ulcers, urinary insufficiency, wart, whooping cough, wounds, and as a sedative