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Mangifera indica Mango tree Mangga Anacardiaceae

Mangifera indica, Mango tree, Anacardiaceae, mangga


Mangifera indica, Mango tree, Anacardiaceae, mangga

The tiny, greenish spring flowers are borne in large sprays.
The fruit resemble enormous peaches, though the skin is smooth, ripening to orange or red.
Plant in full sun.Prune when young to encourage a single trunk.
In addition to grafting as mentioned above, they can be propagated from ripe seed.
Medical use: Bark has astringent qualities and used for checking hemorrhages, mucus discharges and diarrhea as well as for treating skin diseases; leaves used for treating diarrhea, coughs, chest ailments, skin irritations and dental problems; flowers considered an aphrodisiac; fruits used to treat scurvy, bleeding dysentery, stomach problems and cracked skin; seeds as astringent and used against roundworm, hemorrages and scorpion stings. Also against boils.