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Sandoricum koetjape Santol Kecapi, Ketuat, Sentul Meliaceae


Sandoricum koetjape, Santol	Meliaceae, kecapi, ketuat, sentul

Leaves are groups of 3 leaflets, elliptic, with pointed tips and round bases. The flowers are in greenish or yellowish clusters. Fruits are rounded, yellowish-orange when ripe with a thick pericarp, with seeds surrounded by a sweet tasting edible pulp.
Chemical constituents and properties
Roots is aromatic, carminative, antispasmodic, astringent, stomachic.
High in carbohydrates, fair in iron, but low in calcium.
Fair source of vitamin B.
Bark contains traces of a bitter principle, a toxic alkaloid.
Seed contains an amorphous bitter principle.
Bark also contains a bitter substancek, sandoricum acid, similar to acids found in Chisocheton, dysoxylum, heynea and carapa.
Parts used : .Roots and leaves.
Medical use:
Decoction or infusion of leaves used for baths to reduce fever.
Also, used for diarrhea and as a tonic after childbirth.
Bark poultice used for ringworm.
Bitter roots, bruised with vinegar and water, is a carminative; used for diarrhea and dysentery.
Pounded barks applied to ringworm.
Roots used as tonic.