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Scoparia dulcis Licorice weed Jaka tuwa Scrophulariaceae


Scoparia dulcis, Licorice weed, Scrophulariaceae, jaka tuwa

Erect, much branched, smooth, herbaceous, or half-woody plant 25 to 80 cm in height.
Leaves: opposite and whorled, lanceolate to elliptic or oblanceolate, 0.5 to 2 cm long, pointed at both ends and narrowed below the short stalk, and toothed in the margins.
Flowers: while, small, very numerous, and in pairs;
Ubiquitouos weedIn throughout the settled areas in low to medium altitudes; along roadsides, sides of ditches, and other more or less shaded and moist places.
Parts utilized:
Whole plant.
Collected from April to June.
Wash, cut into pieces, dry under the sun.
Sweet and has cooling nature.
Antipyretic, diuretic.
Folkloric uses
Cold and fever, enteritis, diarrhea, beriberi, edema, difficulty in urination: Use decoction of 15 to 30 gms dried material.
Miliaria: Rub the squeezed juice from fresh plant.