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Sida rhombifolia Paddy's lucerne Sidaguri Malvaceae


Sida rhombifolia, Paddy's Lucerne, Malvaceae, Sidaguri

An evergren shrub, it grows to a height of 2m with a spread of 2m. The stem is erect and branching; the leaves are narrowly oval to rhomboidal, alternate and 7cm long, with serrate margins and a white undersurface; the flowers are yellow, open and petalled, occurring in the leaf axils.
A native of Asia, it prefers light to medium, well drained soils in an open, sunny position, and is drought and frost tender. A very hardy and fastgrowing plant.
Propagation is by seeds or cuttings. Sow seed 5mm deep in moist but well-drained seedmix. Should germinate within a few days.
Medical use: Arrowleaf sida has significant medicinal applications for which it is cultivated throughout India. The pounded leaves are used to relieve swelling, the fruits are used to relieve headache, the mucilage is used as an emollient, and the root is used to treat rheumatism (Parrotta 2001). Australian Aborigines use the herb to treat diarrhea. Leaves are smoked in Mexico and a tea is prepared in India for the stimulation it provides