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Syzygium cumini Java plum Duwet Myrtaceae


Syzygium cumini, Java plum, Myrtaceae, Duwet

Baskets of purplish-black shiny fruit resembling black olives somethimes surprise the visitor when he see this tree.
Their brief season limits opportunities of sampling the Java plum and as the fruit crushes easely,it is never transported any great distance.
Inside the skin is translucent white flesh,making the fruit very much like a grape in texture.
Like so many tropical fruits the Java plum has medical propertys,various parts of the plant being used to treat stomach,aches,diabetes and ulcers.
It has a high tannin content and the long seed in the center stains with a purplish-res color.
It's a fast growing tree till 20 mtr 70 ft flowering before the wet season.
Propagation from seed or cuttings.
Fruits are used to make wine, which is produced in vast quantities in the Philippines.
Medicine: The seeds and bark are well known in the Far East for the treatment of dysentery and in control of hyperglycaemia and glycosuria in diabetic patients. The astringent bark may be used as a gargle. Fruits are used as a relief for colic, while the wood yields a sulphate pulp that has medicinal uses.