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Tropical Seashores  : Mangrove

Aegiceras corniculatum River mangrove Teruntung Myrsinaceae


 Aegiceras corniculatum, River mangrove, teruntung


Aegiceras corniculatum

 Aegiceras corniculatum, River mangrove, teruntungFrom India to New Guinea and Australia.
Small shrubby tree, to about 5 m tall.
Leaf blades shiny dark green, leathery, inverted egg-shaped; flowers 15-20 per inflorescence, white, in ball-like clusters. Capsules light green to pink, like curved bean pods (Malay kacang, bean).
Exposed areas especially forest fringes.Used for timber, bark used as fish-poison, flowers are worn by women for their fragrance and leaves are eaten in the Moluccas. Endangered.