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Tropical Seashores  : Mangrove

Avicennia alba   Api Api Putih Acanthaceae


Avicennia-alba, Api Api Putih


Avicennia alba


Api Api Putih

Avicennia-alba, Api Api Putih

Uses as food: The seeds are boiled and eaten, in some places, they are sold in markets as vegetables.

Other uses: This fast growing mangrove tree is among the few used in replanting mangroves to protect coastlines (the others are Sonneratia and Rhizophora). Producing a low quality firewood, it is rarely used to make charcoal and is burnt only to smoke fish or rubber.

Traditional medicinal uses: The heartwood is used to make tonics. The bark and seeds are used as a fish poison and resin used in birth control.

Role in the habitat: Avicennia alba provides food for smaller creatures. Tiny moth larvae eat the fruits (Autoba alabastrata) and flower buds (Euopoicillia sp.). Beetles eat their leaves (Monolepta sp.).