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Tropical Seashores  : Mangrove

Ceriops species- Yellow  mangrove


Ceriops species


Three species, Ceriops tagal, Ceriops australis and Ceriops decandra , these are difficult to tell apart except when flowering or fruiting. They grow to 5 m tall.
Roots: Buttresses at the base of the trunk and knee roots.
Leaves: Small (up to 7 cm long), yellow-green, oval- shaped leaves occurring in groups at the end of branches. The leaves are often orientated straight up in the air to avoid strong midday sunlight.
Flowers and Fruit: Small green-brown flower buds with pale orange petals.
Bark: Cream coloured bark with dark brown spots. Location: Often occurring as short, stunted trees (especially in very saline environments), they may grow to 5 m high in areas having some freshwater influence.