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In Memoriam Dolf Versteegh

born in the Netherlands on 23-04-1940
and passed away in Bali on 25-05-2015

Welcome in this Tropical Plant Book
with more than 3000 pictures, plant descriptions, Latin, English and often Indonesian  names.
Easy to find a name when you have only a picture !
Updated 18 August 2011
This Book has eleven sections total 3000 Pages

Garden Plants   Bromeliads New Bonsai, Dwarf Trees Orchids Carnivorous plants Heliconiaceae 
803 pages 559 Pages 31 Pages 604 Pages  98 pages 493 pages
Medical Plants Aromatic Plants Herbs and Spices Chili Peppers Tropical Coast Hibiscus
150 pages 31 pages 50 pages 33 Pages 75 Pages 65 paes
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