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Apium graveolens

Celery Seledri Apiaceae



Apium graveolens, Celery, SeledriCelery (Apium graveolens )
Plant family: Apiaceae (parsley family)
Origin: Europe, cultivated in the Mediterranean region since at least 3000 years.
Used plant part: Leaves and root; both are used as vegetable or spice. Celery fruits, often termed seeds, are a strong though rather uncommon spice.
Sensoric quality: All plant parts are strongly aromatic.
Today, celery is a popular herb and vegetable in Europe; the leaves are sometimes chopped and used as a garnish (similar to parsley), but more frequently cooked in soups or sauces to improve the taste. For the latter purpose, the root (often in combination with other herbs) is also suitable. Additionally, the cooked root can be eaten as a vegetable.
Celery fruits (often called celery seeds) have a similar, but much stronger aroma. They can be ground and mixed with salt (celery salt, though industrially it is often made from celery root extract) to make dosage easier. The fruits are slightly bitter, which limits their usage.