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Capsicum annuum

Chili Lombok Solanaceae


Capsicum, Chili, Lombok

Despite the specific name, the plants vary from bushy annuals to quite long-lived shrubs up to 6 ft (1.8 m) tall. The well known Grossum Group includes the main salad peppers—pimento, bell and sweet peppers.
The Longum Group includes the cayenne peppers and paprika and banana peppers, with elongated and usually curved, moderately hot to very hot fruits.
The Conoides Group includes forms with erect, conical fruits, most small and hot, some grown as ornamentals with multi-colored fruits—’Red Missile’ is a typical example. Its fruit start out creamy white and ripen purple through red. The Cerasiforme Group (cherry peppers) have small, hot, globular to egg-shaped fruit; some of these are also used as ornamentals.The Fasciculatum Group, known as red cone peppers, have clustered, erect, elongated fruits.Within each group there is a range of cultivars of varying shades of red, yellow, green and purple, and in many shapes and sizes.
Cultivation: The larger-fruited chillies and sweet peppers, as well as the shorter-lived of the small chillies, are grown in the vegetable garden, requiring a long, warm, humid season to ripen their fruit. The shrubby chillies require only a sheltered spot against a wall and are easily propagated from cuttings.