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Tamarindus indica


Tamarin, Asam



Tamarindus indica, Tamarind, Tamarin, AsamThis handsome tree grows to 70 ft (21 m), with a broad spreading crown and dense foliage. The short trunk is covered with shaggy brown bark. The fern-like, compound, vivid green leaves are held on slender, pale brown branchlets. The small flowers, pale orange-yellow or cream with red veins, are borne in small clusters among the leaves in summer. These are followed by the 8 in (20 cm) long pods, which ripen from green to dark brown and have brittle shells.
Cultivation: These trees need a sunny position if they are to thrive, but are not fussy about soil. Once established, they will tolerate drought and exposed positions. The roots can be invasive. Propagate from seed, cuttings or by air layering in spring.