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Cyperus involucratus Umbrella sedge Rumput payung Cyperaceae

Cyperus involucratus, Umbrella sedge, rumput payung


Cyperus involucratus, Umbrella sedge, rumput payung

Cyperus involucratus grows to about 3 ft (1 m) and sends up 3-cornered, hollow stalks crowned by a whorl of leaf-like bracts. The green flower spikes appear in summer. It is a densely tufted perennial from Madagascar.
Flowering colors: Green
Cultivation: Most ornamental species do well at waterÕs edge or in boggy ground.
Grow in rich compost and water well by standing the pot in a dish of water.
Direct sunlight is tolerated.
Repot when the plant fills the container.
If the tips turn brown, the atmosphere may be too dry, while a lack of new stems may indicate too little light. Propagate from seed or by division.