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Cyperus papyrus Paper reed Siprus Cyperaceae

Cyperus papyrus, Paper reed, Papyrus, Siprus


Cyperus papyrus, Paper reed, Papyrus, SiprusThe papyrus of the ancient Egyptians is one of the stateCyperus papyrus, Paper reed, Papyrus, Siprusliest of all water plants for mild climates. It is extremely rampant, growing 5-8 ft (1.5-2.4 m) tall with an indefinite spread.
Its long, sturdy, leafless stems carry great starbursts of fine footstalks that carry the tiny brown flowers.
It will grow in very shallow water and prefers a sunny position.
Flowering colors: Brown
Cultivation: Most ornamental species do well at waters edge or in boggy ground.
Grow in rich compost and water well by standing the pot in a dish of water.
Direct sunlight is tolerated.
Repot when the plant fills the container.
If the tips turn brown, the atmosphere may be too dry, while a lack of new stems may indicate too little light.
Propagate from seed or by division.