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Typhonodorum lindleyanum
Typhonodorum Pisang air Araceae

Typhonodorum lindleyanum, Pisang air, Typhonodorum


Typhonodorum lindleyanum, Pisang air, Typhonodorum

Synonym:Typhonodorum madagascariensisTyphonodorum lindleyanum, Pisang air, Typhonodorum
Synonym:Arodendron engleri
Bloom Color: Pale Green, White
Propagation Methods:
By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets)
This is a giant of the Araceae family, reaching up to 4m tall. Living on shallow and slow creeks, and lakes of Madagascar, nearby islands and Tanzania, this is a tree-like plant with broad, heart shaped, plain green leaves. The older leaves turn yellow, dry and fall, but the fibrous petiole stay on the plant, covering the lower stem, giving it some kind of a palm-like looking.
The flowers are protected by a huge white or ligh green bract that exhalates an unpleasant odor that atracts beetles. The pendent inflorescences produce lots of fleshy fruits covered with a sticky mucilage that irritates the skin - so, donęt try to gather seeds unless you really need to. It can be easily propagated by new shots from its submerged tuber.
It needs to be planted on calm and shallow water.