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Acalypha hispida Red cat's tales Ekor kucing Euphorbiaceae

Acalypha-hispida, Red cat's tales, Ekor kucing


Acalypha-hispida, Red cat's tales, Ekor kucingThought to be from Malaysia, this upright, soft-stemmed shrub is grown for its striking, tiny, bright red flowers that hang in pendulous, tassel-like spikes on the female plants.
Leaves are large, oval and bright green to reddish bronze. It reaches a height and spread of 6 ft (1.8 m).
Regular pruning will maintain a bushy shape. It does best in sheltered sites in full sun.
Cultivation: They need a sunny to semi-shaded position, well-drained, light soil with plenty of water and protection from wind.
Prune lightly to shape followed by additional feeding and watering.
Propagate from cuttings .
Watch for mealy bug, red spider mite .