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Eugenia Uniflora Surinam cherry Dewandaru Myrthaceae

Eugenia Uniflora, Surinam cherry, Dewan daru, Dewandaru

Eugenia Uniflora, Surinam cherry, Dewan daru, DewandaruFamily: Myrtaceae (myrtle family).Eugenia Uniflora, Surinam cherry, Dewan daru, Dewandaru
IT is a small tropical tree, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. it has pointed ovate-lanceolate leaves.
The leaves are deep green but turn red.The leaves have also an essential oil containing citronella, cineole, terpenine, sesquiterpenes and others.
The fruits are round, red to dark red, deeply longitudinal grooved berries.
There is also a variety with dark crimson fruit; this one is sweeter.
They are very juicy and have a high vitamin C content.
Besides the vitamin C it has also calcium and phosphorus, ironEugenia Uniflora, Surinam cherry, Dewan daru, Dewandaru, vitamin A, riboflavinine, niacine.
The fruits contain one or sometimes two, round light brown seeds.
Surinam cherry is also used for bonsai and has medicinal applications.
Besides cultivation for it's fruit, it can also be used in landscaping since it makes hedges, amenable to clipping.
In Brazil, the juice is fermented into wine or vinegar.
Propagation: seeds and cuttings.
Culture: full sun / partial shade, moist soil.No tolerance for salt.