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Ixora coccinea Jungle flame Soka Rubiaceae


Jungle flame, soka, Ixora coccinea
From tropical regions of Africa, Asia and islands of the Pacific, this is a large genus of about 150 species of evergreen shrubs and small trees with spectacular heads of scarlet, orange, yellow, pink or white flowers.
They have glossy, lime green leaves and rough, gray branches.
In Asia, the roots of ixoras are used to make a medicine said to alleviate stomach ailments and cure dysentery.
These shrubs are used for massed bedding, hedges and screens, and can be grown in containers.
Flowering colors: Orange, Pink, Red, Scarlet, White, Yellow
Cultivation: they appreciate a part-shaded position,
Humus-rich, moist but freely drained, friable soils and high humidity suit them best, and they need regular water during the warmer months.
Light pruning after flowering will maintain shape; spent flowerheads should also be removed.
Propagate from cuttings or from seed