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Lagerstroemia indica
Crepe myrtle
Bungur kecil Lythraceae

Lagerstroemia indica, Crepe myrtle, Bungur kecil


Lagerstroemia indica, Crepe myrtle, Bungur kecil

This deciduous small tree is now believed to originate from China.
It grows to about 25 ft (8 m) tall with an open, spreading, rounded head and smooth beige-colored bark streaked red-brown.
It bears large clusters of frilly pink to deep red flowers.
The flowerheads appear at the tips of the current seasons growth; they are largest on strong growths, encouraged by cutting back the main branches in winter; if left unpruned, the tree develops an attractive, open shape, with massed smaller heads.
Astringent; Depurative; Diuretic; Febrifuge; Hydrogogue; Purgative; Stimulant; Styptic.
The stem bark is febrifuge, stimulant and styptic.
The bark, flowers and leaves are considered to be hydrogogue and a drastic purgative.
The root is astringent, detoxicant and diuretic.
A decoction of the flowers is used in the treatment of colds