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Clivia miniata Bush lilly Sogo Amaryllidaceae

Clivia miniata , Bush lilly, Sogo


Clivia miniata , Bush lilly, Sogo

The most commonly cultivated and showiest species, Clivia miniata is distributed widely in eastern South Africa.
About 18 in (45 cm) in height, it has broad leaves, sometimes up to 3 in (8 cm) wide and bears clusters of broadly funnel-shaped flowers up to 3 in (8 cm) long, mostly orange to scarlet with a yellow throat, usually in spring but with the odd bloom at other times.
Many cultivars have been selected over the years, including yellow and cream forms.
There is a group of especially prized forms commonly called hybrids with tulip-shaped blooms of a deep, rich scarlet.
Flowering colors: Cream, Orange, Scarlet, Yellow
Plant in a shaded or part-shaded, position in friable, well-drained soil; they are surface-rooted and dislike soil disturbance.
Propagate by division after flowering.
Seed can also be used but plants can be slow to flower.