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Aglaonema rubra Aglaonema   Araceae

Aglaonema-rubra, Aglaonema, Araceae,


Aglaonema-rubra, Aglaonema, Araceae,  A genus of about 20 species of perennial subshru bs from the humid tropics of Southeast Asia, In growth form they are the old world counterparts of the tropical American Dieffenbachia and can be used for indoor decoration in a similar way. Some species are renowned for their tenacious hold on life and ability to grow in conditions of poor light and soil.
The somewhat fleshy stems branch from the base and may root where they touch the ground.
The broad, oblong leaves are often mottled or barred with cream.
Tiny flowers are borne in a short fleshy spike within a furled spathe, an arrangement typical of the arum family. The spikes are more conspicuous in the fruiting stage, displaying oval berries that can be quite colorful
Cultivation: In the tropics aglaonemas are easily grown in any moist shady area beneath trees but in temperate regions they are grown indoors in containers. Propagation is normally by cuttings or offsets, which are easily rooted.