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Caladium bicolor Caladium Keladi Araceae

Caladium bicolor, Caladium, Keladi

Caladium bicolor, Caladium, KeladiCaladiums reached a height of popularity in the USA before World War II, when at least a thousand cultivars were listed. There has been debate as to whether the wild parents all belong to the South American Caladium bicolor in the broad sense, or whether they included several species (in which case many of the cultivars should correctly be treated as C. X hortulanum).
Their leaves are typically arrowhead-shaped but some cultivars have narrower leaves, wedge-shaped at the base.
Color varies from plain green with a red or pink center to intricate combinations of green, white, pink and red, usually with dark green veining.
Plants reach 12-15 in (30-38 cm) high.