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Chlorophytum capense
Hen and chickens Lili paris

Chlorophytum capense, Hen and chickens, Lili paris

Chlorophytum capense, Hen and chickens, Lili paris

Native to moist coastal regions of South Africa, this species is widely grown for its attractive grass-like foliage and is one of the most popular plants for hanging baskets.
In mild climates it can make a ground cover in the shade of trees, Rosettes of narrow leaves up to 18 in (45 cm) long multiply to form dense, untidy clumps.
Long, weak, branched flowering stems carry small star-shaped white flowers through much of the year, and small plantlets develop on the stems after flowering, enabling the plantŐs rapid spread.
The wild, green-leafed form is invasive in mild climates but several forms with cream- or yellow-striped leaves are more popular as garden or indoor plants: Mandaianum is a compact form, its narrower dark green leaves irregularly striped dull yellow-green; Picturatum has leaves with broad yellow central stripe; Vittatum has leaves with a broad white central stripe, usually with finer stripes at the sides.
Flowering colors: White
Cultivation: they will thrive in light to medium shade.
Water freely during the growing season, sparingly at other times.
Propagate from seed, by division, or by means of the plantlets that often form on flowering stems.