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Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia Araceae

Dieffenbachia picta, Dumb cane, Dieffenbachia


Dieffenbachia picta, Dumb cane, Dieffenbachia

A genus in the arum family of about 30 species from tropical America, these evergreen, tufted perennials are grown for their decorative foliage
Their large oval leaves are often heavily marked with creamy white or yellow stripes or patches.
The common name of dumb cane is due to their poisonous sap which makes the mouth and tongue swell, rendering speech impossible.
Cultivation: They are easy to grow if humidity is maintained by mist spraying.
Bright to moderate light suits them.
Allow the surface soil to become dry in between thorough waterings as roots may rot if they are over-watered.
Propagate from root cuttings or stem cuttings laid horizontally in compost.