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Maranta leuconera
Prayer plant
Daun lumut Maranthaceae

Maranta leuconera, Prayer plant, Daun lumut


Maranta leuconera, Prayer plant, Daun lumut

This variable species contains most of the best foliage forms of this genus.
It usually grows to about 12 in (30 cm) in height and spread and produces its inconspicuous white flowers with foliate spots in slender spikes during summer.
The dark green leaves are usually about 6 in (15 cm) long.
They have silver veins and the reverse side can be purple or gray-green.
In the cultivar Erythroneura, the herringbone plant, the leaves are velvety and very dark black-green with a brilliant green irregular zone along the midrib.
It also has bright pink veins and a deep red reverse. Kerchoviana, known as rabbit tracks, has oval, light green leaves with brown blotches on either side of the central vein; the insignificant white to mauve flowers appear intermittently.
Flowering colors: Mauve, White
Cultivation: They like humidity and bright light without direct sunlight.
In tropical areas they can make a good ground cover under large trees.
Propagation is usually done by dividing established clumps or from basal cuttings struck on bottom heat.